Flip Top Closure

Vidyard Cover

A more sustainable end-of-life solution for bottles & caps

Jabil’s Flip Top Closure improves traditional flip cap dispensers with several key innovations. At under 3 grams, Jabil’s dispenser is on average 50% lighter than competing formats, enabling brands and retailers to reach their material reduction sustainability goals. This new platform is tamper-evident and leak-proof making it perfect for drinkable yogurt, nutritional beverages, vitamins and more.

Flip Top Closures are typically molded in the open position to prevent the living hinge from brittleness and breakage. Jabil’s innovative design allows the closure to be molded in the closed position, doubling cavitation and eliminating the additional automation required to flex the hinge and close it.


Market Application
Sports Drink
RTD Tea & Coffee
Juices & Nectar
Vitamins & Suppliments


Platform Benefits
Optimized for Recyclability
Turnkey Compliance

Improved Consumer Exprienced

Maximized Effeciency

Improved Brand Image



Platform Features
Stay Back Hinge
External Tamper Evidence
Linerless Plug Seal