Personal Care Packaging

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Packaging Solutions Overview

Successful personal care products integrate attractive design with highly diverse packaging. Young consumers typically prefer, small, portable sizes. Institutional consumers look at features like auto-replenishment. Households may prefer smart features that indicate product longevity. And regardless of the form factor, the packaging has to successfully reinforce brand attributes both on the shelf and during usage.

Sustainability is increasingly a prerequisite for all packaging. Consumers want to feel that they’re choosing products conscientiously, and studies show they’ll pay more for green ones. Convenience is always an important differentiator, and that means easier to open caps and closure devices, portion control features, any design feature that means added value and greater ease of use.

Jabil Packaging Solutions has been adding brand value to otherwise mundane personal care products for decades. Our comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain, and product management services are located worldwide, with over 1.5M sq. ft. of dedicated space for intelligent, active, barrier, and rigid packaging. We help create truly differentiated products that address the requirements of a rapidly changing consumer landscape, driving both performance and customer value.