Vidyard Cover

EMV Components

The Fastest Way to Design Point-of-Sale Terminals

EMV Components

The Fastest Way to Design Point-of-Sale Terminals

Vidyard Cover

EMV Components

Our solutions enable payment service providers to enjoy the freedom to design a unique, one-of-a-kind POS terminal. By leveraging advance secure technology customers can create their own EMV card acceptance devices.

Secure Chip
Secure and Cost-effective PCI/EMV Chip

Payment Module 
Plug & Play EMV Module to Create POS Terminals

Reference Design 
Ready to Use mPOS Device to Match Any Brand 

Secure Chip

  • Patented Microcontroller
  • Standard STM32L4 Architecture
  • Secure Cryptoprocessor
  • Dynamic Adjustment of Hardware Parameters: CPU, Flash memory and Alarms
  • PCI PTS Compliancy: PIN entry, Key storage, Right management

Reference Design

  • Personalized Device Cover
  • Contactless antenna
  • Keypad & screen
  • Power supply and Battery
  • Secure Chip Technology
  • EMV L1/L2 Contact & Contactless



  • Pre-Certifications:
    • PCI PTS 5.x
    • EMV L1/L2 Contactless
  • Certifications:
    • EMV L1/L2 Contact

High Security

  • Crypto Libraries
  • Application Loader
  • Secure Boot
  • Tamper-proof Hardware & Software
  • Real-time Clock Integrity



Key Benefits

  • Low Cost (no need to buy an expensive chip)
  • Long EMV/PCI Component Availability
  • Fraud Attempts Stopped in Micro Seconds
  • Possibility to have a POS Reference Design 

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