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Jabil Photonics Services – Optical Manufacturing

Jabil Photonics is a true technology partner offering a range of services at the heart of the network evolution. Jabil Photonics provides manufacturing for complex optical systems that include:

  • SiPh devices packaging
  • Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA)
  • Optical pluggable transceivers
  • Complex optical subsystems (EDFA, optical switches)

At Jabil, we implement state-of-the-art optical manufacturing processes and in-house capabilities that range from surface mount technology (SMT), splicing and fiber alignment to die attaching, wire bonding, epoxy application, lapping/polishing, welding, seam sealing and testing. 

Additionally, Jabil Photonics offers design for manufacturability, which is a unique differentiator. Key photonics manufacturing sites are located in Wuhan, China, and Penang, Malaysia. 

Jabil Photonics Services – Optical Packaging

Jabil Photonics provides quality optical packaging that streamlines and accelerates development while helping customers in the optical networking equipment industry get to market faster. We design the packaging in collaboration with our customers to ensure optimal performance. This activity includes:

  • Optical design with the choice of the best coupling system
  • Mechanical design that includes component selection for substrate, fixture design and assembly
  • Thermal and RF design
  • Testing solutions

At Jabil, we implement state-of-the-art optical packaging processes and in-house capabilities that range from cover 6-Axis fiber alignment, die attaching, wire bonding, epoxy application, lapping/polishing and welding to seam sealing and testing. Our 6-Axis process is fully automated and includes:

  • Full automated process (auto substrate positioning, fiber alignment, epoxy stamping, UV curing, fiber holder positioning)
  • 6-Axis Suruga Seiki Stages (repeatability accuracy +/- 0.5um) for fiber alignment
  • XYZ Axis gantry supporting the substrate/fiber holder pick and place, epoxy stamping
  • Vision system to assist positioning of substrate/fiber holder placement
  • Customized alignment algorithm to ensure full flexibility for process development and control
  • Calibrated epoxy stamping with auto UV light curing system
  • Multiple angle camera vision system
  • Full traceability and capability of data interface to Jabil MES shop-floor system
  • Customization of production report (i.e., number of units built, serial number, alignment measurement data, inspection images)
  • Flexibility to add on additional features as per customer requirement in the future 

Jabil Photonics Services – Optical Design

Jabil Photonics provides customers expertise for optical design support that includes:

  • Chip design
  • Module design
  • Subsystem design
  • Full system design

Jabil Photonics’ R&D capabilities range from optical system architecture to hardware design, firmware design and photonics packaging to RF design, software development and testing (e.g., unitary and end to end). 

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