Webinar: Reimagining Retail

Reimagining Your Retail Operations – How Incremental Improvements Can Create Big Differentiation

On-Demand Retail Webinar

Retail has been thrown into an era of disruption due to consumers’ complex and changing needs. Innovative technologies are not only causing a shift in customer behavior but is reshaping the retail landscape forcing retailers to change, stay agile, take risks and adapt to their customers. Successful retailers of the future will invest now, taking the necessary steps to modernize and innovate their retail environments – reimagining and transforming.

  • Customer experiences
  • Operations
  • Business models

While a majority of retailers know they must become more innovative they must weigh the risks associated with technology changes. Even more, few retailers have the resources or margins to experiment and run failed trails, which is why adopting an approach where incremental improvements with a trusted technology partner can create big differentiation.

In this webinar, reimagine your retail operations and learn how incremental improvements can create big differentiation.

About the Presenter

  • Frederic McCoy

    SVP, Jabil Retail

    Fred McCoy is SVP, Jabil Retail, with responsibility for driving growth strategies from product development through manufacturing in the company’s retail business sector. Fred brings more than 25 years of general business management and international finance experience across a variety of industries and geographies to this position. During his 17-year tenure with Jabil, Fred also has led the development and rapid growth of strategic business units across the company’s retail point-of-sale, medical diagnostics, mobile handheld devices, solar photovoltaic, aerospace and defense as well as automotive sectors. Fred holds a Master of Arts in International Affairs and Economics from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.


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