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Build Today With Tomorrow’s Technologies

Tue May 05 00:00:00 EDT 2015

This month Moore’s Law turned 50 and, more than ever, the observations made by the co-founder of Intel ring true. Our technologies are changing at an astoundingly rapid rate. Machinery that is twice as complex as its predecessor is packed into a footprint that’s half the size and produced in a fraction of the time. To keep up with markets sustained by instant gratification not only our technologies must keep pace, but the way they are produced must be innovated as well.

But innovation doesn’t come easily, as a Jabil sponsored Dimensional Research global survey shows. More than 90 percent of respondents face obstacles with their manufacturing process including the cost and difficulty associated with changing existing processes; slow, error-prone and costly manual processes; and lack of flexibility. This roadblock is such an insurmountable hurdle that 57 percent of companies reported abandoning a product idea because existing manufacturing processes were insufficient.

Keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industries we serve, Jabil has invested in key strategic manufacturing technologies. With nearly 600 automation engineers managing more than 4,200 installed robots, Jabil boasts an automation capacity of 270,000 square feet. We implement advanced automation solutions like SimCell and Collaborative Robots, as well as advanced additive manufacturing processes to accelerate time to market while improving quality and predictability.

Jabil is constantly seeking to advance the technologies that will help build the “Factory of the Future” in order to bring new opportunities to our customers and the markets they serve. We are excited to have the privilege of displaying these technologies and more to our customers and guests at the Blue Sky Center in Silicon Valley.