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Inspiring Those Who Inspire

Wed May 31 00:00:00 EDT 2017

More than 40 teachers visit the Jabil Blue Sky Center.

May 31, 2017

At Jabil’s Blue Sky Center, we love inspiring students to learn about technology and STEM education.  So, imagine how happy we were to host more than 40 teachers and inspire them to reach even more students.

Inspiration for our Future.

In May, Jabil’s Blue Sky Center in Silicon Valley hosted teachers from Stanford University’s for what felt like one of our most synergistic days.  The helps people develop their creative abilities.  It’s a place, a community, and a mindset.  Just like Blue Sky, they set out to inform and inspire, to use design and technology to help people unlock their creative potential and apply it to the world.  Teachers working with on their year-long learning certificate focus on different elements of design thinking each quarter; this quarter the focus is “Imagine the Possibilities,” and visiting Blue Sky was the perfect launch-pad to start the quarter.

The day started with a lively discussion over breakfast, before a workshop which continued either side of lunch and a tour of the Blue Sky facility.  The teachers were wonderful participants, all keen to learn more about the kind of technologies we are advancing at Jabil and how they would find their way into real-life applications.  From supply chain dynamics, through robotics, 3D printing, rapid prototyping and much more, we were able to show the group how we envisage design and manufacturing in the future.

According to, “Design can be applied to all kinds of problems.  But, just like humans, problems are often messy and complex, and need to be tackled with some serious creative thinking.  That’s where our approach comes in.  Adding the's tools and methods to a person's skill set often results in a striking transformation.  Newfound creative confidence changes how people think about themselves and their ability to have impact in the world.”

We could not agree more, empowering people, whether they are our staff, our customers or our partners, through tools and skills is a cornerstone of Jabil’s philosophy. 

The participants had an inspiring and educating experience and organizer, Esther Tokihiro summed up the day saying “On behalf of our STEAM Initiative and the Santa Clara County Office of Education, thank you very much for assisting us with the Jabil Blue Sky Tour and hosting our meeting.  It was the perfect location for our professional development work on design thinking and the mindset of "Imagine/Defer Judgment." Teachers were astounded by the Blue Sky Center Showcase and the masterful tour by Nolan and Travis.”

We really appreciate Stanford University’s for visiting Blue Sky, and we are excited that the educators who visited will be taking some of our innovation insights away and inspiring future engineers, innovators and technologists to pursue a technology led education and career.