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Jabil at CES 2017: A Glimpse into the Connected Future

January 05, 2017

Today, Sam Salem, Jabil's Senior Director of IoT, presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. His session highlighted how IoT is fundamentally changing the way businesses create value, companies compete and collaborate, and consumers experience the world. It also covered IoT use cases and technology proof-of-concepts demonstrating the power of IoT to connect things and enable new services, add new value to established products and possibly even enable new markets. 

The Impact of Connectivity 

Connected things are dramatically increasing and within the next decade, there may be 50 billion to 1 trillion devices online. With a potential economic impact of $2.7 trillion to $6.4 trillion by 2025, the connected world presents a lucrative opportunity for companies to bring new products and services to market. Although connectivity holds great promise, the complexity of building the ecosystems is something that most companies find extremely challenging. 

Simplifying the IoT Ecosystem 

Technology enablers such as sensors, connectivity standards, cloud platforms & services, analytics and security solutions have all contributed to the growth of the IoT ecosystem. With so many vendors and suppliers, the ecosystem remains a complex puzzle. To address this, Jabil utilizes strategic internal and external partners such as IBM to provide a seamless, connected product experience for customers. From ideation to end user delivery, Jabil is simplifying IoT across several arenas, such as connected health and intelligent packaging. 

IoT Use Cases: Connected Health 

The advent of smartphones and the cloud has enabled consumers to take control of their health in unprecedented ways. Sam showed multiple proof-of-concepts for how these IoT technologies are disrupting the healthcare industry. For example, connectivity has enabled patients to track their usage history and even receive real-time diagnostic information about their health directly from their IoT device. Care providers receive status updates and alerts should something go wrong, optimizing monitoring and intervention. As a result, the provision of care between patients and prescribers has been greatly enhanced. Connected health is quite complex and Jabil works with many partners to incorporate all of the parts that make-up an entire ecosystem, from supply chain, design, software, security, data management and more. 

IoT Use Cases: Intelligent Packaging 

Intelligent packaging is an exciting way to add value to existing products. When deciding which product to purchase, intelligent packaging makes all the difference for consumers. By adding sensors and connectivity to packaging, products can detect when contents are running low, automatically order a replacement and even provide purchase analytics in real-time via smartphone. Such autonomy increases both brand loyalty and consumer convenience. And then there's product personalization. By incorporating wearables and cloud-connected sensors, a product's package can engage consumers in whole new ways by providing fun and useful information tailored to a consumer's interests and habits. With Jabil's extensive expertise around both packaging and IoT, building these ecosystems is something we do very well.