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Jabil Drives Customer Satisfaction in Global Competition

Jabil has a long-standing culture of customer service: We regularly survey customers to track feedback and detect improvement opportunities.  We have a robust quarterly business review process, which enables swift, customized solutions. And various formal training suites and knowledge resources, like Jabil’s Business Development Academy, advance employee productivity and improve performance quality.

However, Jabil’s dedication to our customers goes much deeper than surveys, training and reviews – it’s in the fiber of how we Aim Higher for our customers every day, how we strive to exceed their expectations and how we build deeper long-term relationships.

One of the showcases of this dedication to customer satisfaction is our annual Deliver Best Practices competition.  A recent success story came out of Jabil’s Huangpu, China, site where employees conducted root-cause analysis and devised improvement matrixes to limit defects and streamline production. Their result: zero defective parts per million – that’s a success rate of 99.9 percent or above – and a very happy customer.

In Kwidzyn, Poland, Jabil employees created cross-functional teams from accounting and finance departments to craft customer solutions that achieved higher efficiency, more transparent decision-making and greater flexibility.  By aligning these efforts, the Kwidzyn team scored greater than 97 percent on customer satisfaction scores.

A team at the Jabil Chihuahua plant engineered agile production methods for greater operational flexibility and automation, resulting in increased efficiency and quicker delivery. The team ultimately increased units shipped to nearly 104 percent.

Deliver Best Practices teams represent global employees who demonstrate Jabil’s customer satisfaction tradition. As Jabil’s Senior Vice President, Courtney Ryan puts it: “Our entrepreneurial nature and the way we recognize and reward people for great customer service, raises the bar for everyone else.”

To learn more about Jabil’s customer satisfaction, watch Jabil’s Vice President of Global Business Units, Courtney Ryan’s video.