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Jabil Hosts Top Tech Trends of 2017 Webinar

Tue Jan 24 22:00:00 EST 2017

As we enter 2017, emerging technology continues to be the main driver of new business growth and opportunities. With this in mind, Jabil's Daniel Ayoub, Director of Marketing, Enterprise and Infrastructure, will be hosting a webinar on Friday which explores the top 10 tech trends to watch for in the new year, such as:


From wearables to tablets, connected devices are changing the way people interact with the world. Through augmented reality, these products are enhancing the user's view of the physical realm and will have endless use-cases in the new year. Another technology making waves is virtual reality. Can't make it to your favorite performance? With live virtual attendance, you can enjoy your event remotely and participate without spending the time and money required to attend in person. And the days of tangled wires are no longer. The advent of cloud connectivity has enabled consumers to stream their content across multiple devices on-demand, no cords required.


This past year has seen major advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. As AI has matured, so has the market for home robots implementing this technology. Just recently at CES 2017, many companies showcased friendly, humanlike robots for families. In addition to the home, robots are also proving to be critical in manufacturing operations. As automation continues to shape the workforce, many manufacturers can now afford to keep their operations domestic.


The rise of ecommerce and new delivery models are giving brick-and-mortar stores a run for their money. In many cases, consumers can purchase a product online and have it delivered in the same day. Virtual currency has greatly simplified the shopping experience by eliminating banks and third party networks. From security to stability, bitcoin will continue to bring many advantages for both consumers and merchants in 2017. With so much information being collected in these transactions, companies want to tune their data centers to make sense of it all. Open network switches are changing the way these centers operate. More companies are turning to switches in order to provide increased flexibility and control while reducing cost and complexity.


3D printing has enabled manufacturers to create parts and components in innovative ways. New materials are breaking the barriers for what can be produced with this technology. From smartphones to supercomputers, semiconductors play a critical role in almost all electronics manufacturing. Stacking semiconductor chips in 3D enables improved performance and efficiency among other benefits.