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Jabil Hosts Trends in Optical Communications Webinar

By 2020, more than 20 billion devices will connect to the internet. To carry the load created by our passion for connected living, much of the digital infrastructure we rely on is turning to high-speed fiber optics. With this in mind, Vladimir Kozlov PhD, Founder & CEO of LightCounting, and Jabil Chief Photonics Scientist Larry Tarof PhD, will be hosting a webinar on February 24 which explores the technological advancements and market trends shaping the optical communications industry. 

Photonics integration faces many challenges on the road to widespread adoption. In order to show the value proposition for photonics, companies must cooperate to find solutions to these problems. Dr. Tarof will examine barriers to integration such as cost, density and power. 

Despite these issues, global sales of optical components and modules have seen steady growth since 2009 and are on track to top $12B by 2021. Dr. Kozlov will discuss how this market boom is creating opportunities for new technologies to be developed such as Silicon photonics and 3D wafer stacking. He will also explore how Mega Data Centers are redefining integrated photonics for large scale environments.