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Jabil's Fourth Quarter and Full Fiscal Year 2017 Results

Jabil hosted a conference call on September 27, covering preliminary and unaudited financial results for the fourth quarter and full fiscal year 2017 (ending August 31st). The company reported net revenue of $5.0 billion for the quarter – with 57 percent generated from Jabil's Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) business and 43 percent from its Diversified Manufacturing Services (DMS) business.  

Reviewing the full fiscal year 2017 performance, Jabil reported a net revenue of $19.1 billion for the fiscal year. Fifty-eight percent of the net revenue was generated through the EMS business, while 42 percent came from the DMS business. Overall, the net revenue increased four percent year over year.  

“I’m very pleased with our team’s performance throughout the fiscal year,” said CEO Mark Mondello. “As we described at the outset of the year, success would include solid revenue and core earnings growth coupled with strong cash flow generation. Clearly, we delivered on these strategic objectives,” he added. 

Annual Accomplishments 

"The year was a near perfect illustration of what we said a year ago during Jabil's investor day," stated Mondello, offering some insight:  

  • In the EMS segment, Jabil committed to progressive transformation of its approach and solution set, while growing income at a pace greater than the end-markets served. The company has made tremendous progress on both accounts, resulting in the EMS core operating margin expanding 50-basis points year over year. 
  • Jabil committed to double-digit growth in its Healthcare and Packaging businesses. These businesses are on track to grow 20 percent CAGR per year through fiscal year 2019.  
  • The company also pledged to remain a top precision mechanics provider for the mobility market.  

Mondello believes the company delivered successfully on all three of its objectives, while continuing to invest in key technologies that can be leveraged across the markets Jabil serves. "I would be remiss if I didn't express my gratitude to our entire Jabil team, across all of our functional disciplines who have worked so hard and were so integral in driving the company's success throughout the year," he added. 

"We're working hard to construct a fantastic company that is sustainable for years to come – a company that we believe is the most technologically advanced manufacturing solutions company in the world. In doing so, there will be no compromise when it comes to keeping our people safe, demonstrating the highest level of respect for the environment and making real social difference around the world."