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PyeongChang gone Digital!

I don’t know about you, but as usual, I’m simply in awe of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games being held in PyeongChang South Korea. The stamina, strength, agility and grace of these athletes is remarkable, and the venue breathtaking. I’m so glad my kids are watching as well, so they can see the spirit of the games and the sportsmanlike conduct of athletes from across the world. What’s also got me excited this year, is how digitally enabled everything is and how that's creating an incredible experience for all involved.

South Korea first and foremost, is very proud to have the fastest broadband in the world, a lightning fast average of 28.6Mbps compared to the 16.9 in other places! Wow, that’s speed! And just to make things more interesting, the PyeongChang venues are empowered by the new 5G technology!

Fans, really benefit from the power of this 5G bandwidth and can enjoy things like Instant Video Replay (lVR) to deliver “Immersive Broadcasting” which makes for a really cool and really engaging fan experience.

5G is an important technology that’s gaining momentum quickly and is an enabler to ensuring fast and seamless connected experiences, like the ones delivered via IoT devices. (To learn more about 5G, please help yourself to our Jabil Blogs and other resources on 5G found here):

And speaking of IoT, virtually every athlete will be connected in some way, shape or form so coaches and trainers can monitor and gain athlete performance insights. And of course, once that performance data is gathered and put up into a cloud leveraging a ton of big data, analytics as well as visualization, and AI tools to determine what's needed to change to improve performance.

A perfect example of this is Samsung sponsoring the Dutch speed skaters, providing them with suits loaded with sensors, that collect and provide insights into body form so they can analyze and continually optimize body positioning during every millisecond of each race.

I love learning about all the cool tech stories going on at this year’s Winter Olympics, and I’m especially proud of the fact that Jabil is probably empowering many of these experiences from device to cloud. Jabil’s innovation, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain solutions help some of the biggest brands in the world enable digital eco-systems and digital experiences every day, so the world is empowered and gets better!

Here’s a great chart that shows how we empower, across the entire digital eco-system:


Delivering Value Across the entire Digital Eco-System 


If you would like to learn more about how we empower watch the video below, or to learn more about exciting career opportunities, visit us at to learn more.



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