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Uncovering the World’s Hidden Talent

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 15 percent of the world’s population is disabled. This equates to nearly 1.1 billion people globally–a population the size of China’s. The International Labor Organization’s research also indicates that disabled workers can positively influence between 1 to 7 percent of a country’s gross domestic product. Not only does the disabled population account for the world’s largest minority, but they also represent a vast, untapped market that is capable of substantial global influence.

One key benefit of employing disabled workers is that they accumulate less turnover than non-disabled employees. In fact, The United Nations conducted a study revealing that after one year of employment, the retention rate was 85 percent for disabled individuals. As a result, socially responsible companies are adopting hiring campaigns that target the disabled population to drive higher employee engagement, retention and employee satisfaction.

Similarly, productivity among disabled workers tends to be higher. One India-based company attributes their 10 percent increase in productivity to a motivated group of disabled employees. Non-disabled workers can also benefit from inclusivity. Working for a company that embraces social responsibility may increase employee admiration and loyalty.

What if organizations explored the untapped talent of those 1 billion individuals. Imagine how enriching your workforce’s arsenal with more diverse skills might ignite innovation. By investing in human capital, socially responsible companies gain higher productivity and a more engaged workforce, and consequently, differentiate themselves from competitors.

Currently in its ninth year, Jabil Guadalajara’s People With Disabilities Program illustrates this culture of inclusion and diversity. The program aims to empower professionals with physical, auditory and visual disabilities by providing those individuals with the accommodations and opportunities for career mobility.

With a growing disabled population, what can your company do to attract and retain talent in an emerging market? Sites like Jabil Guadalajara are constantly developing new ways of connecting with local communities and talented individuals. What will your inclusive outreach strategy look like?