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What Smart Appliances Can Teach You About Customer Relationships

Thu Feb 16 00:00:00 EST 2017

What if your business relationship with the customer didn't have to end with the sale of an appliance? Imagine a world where you could continuously nurture and deepen your customer relationships and learn about their behaviors to provide them additional value through smart appliances. A world where you take the relationship past the purchase – beyond expensive mass advertising platforms. 

Currently, a dishwasher can notify a customer when soap is running low or the washing machine requires maintenance. This level of connectivity presents a greenfield of opportunity for marketers. 

The average U.S. home is estimated to have 400 connected or smart devices by 2020, leading advertisers and manufacturers to shift their business models to focus on becoming data-driven service providers. The premise is simple: add more value to the customer with the power of connectivity and artificial intelligence. And while using smart appliances as advertising platforms is more idea than application today, some manufacturers have already implemented the technology necessary to make it feasible. 

OEMs have the capabilities necessary for smart appliance advertising, but some considerations must be addressed first: privacy, security, data-management and relevance. Responsibly managing an enormous pool of customer data collected by connected devices is possibly the most critical element.  

According to a study by the Colombia Business School, 75 percent of people are more willing to share various types of personal data with a brand they trust and 80 percent will share non-required data for reward points and product recommendations. This level of trust in personal information presents businesses with an opportunity to display targeted messaging to help customer loyalty, but there is a lot at stake. The misuse of information can lead to the loss of a brand's most cherished resource: trust.  

Advertising on smart appliances is about more than just coupons and commercials. The real capital is in the brand's distinct utility to contribute to the customer experience after the purchase – providing tips on how to use the product, gaining feedback on the quality of the product and offering access to related goods and services. If marketers can provide the right value at the right time, they can lock in customers for life.

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), the next generation of shoppers expects more from brands. Connected devices must drive customer value in new and innovative ways. 

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