Black Diamond

Black Diamond Soars to New Heights with Product Innovation, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Optimization from Jabil.

When it comes to rock climbing, backcountry skiing, and mountain sports, Black Diamond continually sets the standard for product quality and innovation. The company’s iconic brands are synonymous with performance, durability, and safety in the active outdoor and ski industries -- from their skis, shoes, and carabiners to the game-changing avalanche survival kits that ensure the safety of their most adventurous customers. So, when it came to innovation on a product that required electronics – Black Diamond needed a partner that could support with the utmost quality and commitment through design, manufacturing, and supply chain challenges.

Jabil is that partner.

Black Diamond & JABIL

Customer Success

Jabil and Kymeta
Jabil and Gigamon
Jabil and Optelian
Jabil and Zebra

Kymeta fulfills promise of global mobile connectivity by partnering with Jabil.

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Jabil Helps Gigamon Innovates Groundbreaking Network Visibility Solutions

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Optelian partners with Jabil to digitize optical networking.

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Learn how Zebra teamed with Jabil to speed development and delivery of revolutionary, IoT enabled sports tracking solution.

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Case Study: Black Diamond