Paper Cell – A Good Alternative Power Solution for Single-Use Devices

Nypro Healthcare – Shanghai

As a new, innovative technology, printed electronics offers numerous advantages, including being environmentally friendly and having a low cost of manufacture for volume production. This has generated a lot of attention from different industries.


Paper Cell is a zinc-manganese oxide made by printed electronics that offers advantages such as flexibility while folded - 30mm radius and thickness, and being a good alternative power solution for single-use devices. Known applications include vaccine logistic monitoring and baby temperature monitoring, among others.
As an example, take a 60*42mm form factor 3V/26mAh cell - we leverage 2.5V LDO to simulate the switch for pulse loading, with on/off duty as 10ms/1s for 5000 cycles. That cell can support a 7.6mA peak load without voltage dropping below the LDO setting, to preserve the remaining cell capacity. By considering uA level of leakage current during off-stage, that cell can support 260 hours of periodic operation. This cell could also support around 30 hours of 1mA continuous operation until 1.8V cut-off voltage; see below for the measurement data in minutes.


Nominal shelf life can be more than 3 years, with operating temperature variance from -35~50 degrees Celsius. These product parameters can meet most of RFID tag requirements, single-use Bluetooth Low Energy and other short time logistic tracking applications, as long as their pulse operation current is lower than 10mA and available for sleep mode during most of the duration. This flexible cell could enable many new ideas in healthcare and wearables, while relieving the constraint on ID and user experience. Nypro will be collaborating with our customer and research institution to find more best-fit opportunities.

If you’d like to know more about Paper Cell, please contact Frankis Shen.

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