A Love for Food Takes Ziana on New Adventures

Fri Jun 02 00:00:00 EDT 2017

Employee Spotlight: Ziana Niekmat


Growing up in Malaysia, Ziana Niekmat has always been surrounded by a melting pot of cultural influences from countries throughout Southeast Asia. This multicultural society expanded Ziana’s food palate to include new spices, ingredients and cooking methods. “I would describe myself as a food hunter — I love to try new things,” she said smiling.

Ziana’s passion for food inspired her to blog about her experiences. She shares stories of trying new foods and learning about different cultures. “I’ve always believed that food is a great way to connect with others,” she said. “It’s a common bond found between everyone.”

This passion for discovery has Ziana hoping to one day travel around the world. Tokyo has long since intrigued her because of its beautiful culture, customs and simplistic society. “Japan has grown on me in unexpected ways,” she says. “I refer to Tokyo as my favorite city in the world.” 

Ziana also finds joy in helping others. As a Material System Analyst at Jabil’s Penang site, her friendly spirit and personality creates an environment where her customers feel comfortable asking for help in the enterprise resource planning system. “I’m happy to assist others,” said Ziana. “I approach every request like I would a new recipe. I see it as a challenge to further develop myself and gain new knowledge.”