Bjorn's Life is an Adventure at Every Turn

Fri Jul 07 00:00:00 EDT 2017

Employee Spotlight: Bjorn Nyqvist



When Bjorn Nyqvist enters a room his charismatic and energetic spirit instantly captures everyone’s attention. As a Program Manager at Jabil’s Venray, Netherlands site, Bjorn makes a lasting impression through his compassion, helpfulness, and how he treats everyone with respect.

At 35, this former Dutch Military Academy graduate’s thirst for adventure and discovery has led him around the globe to explore new cultures, people and the wild. His travels have brought him to Iceland, Norway, Jordan, and Aruba just to name a few. “Still on my list, the rest of the world,” says an exuberant Bjorn.

And by his side, a GoPro camera captures it all. “Our world has such an incredible amount to offer - reliving life experiences allows you to remember where you’ve been and memories you’ve made,” said Bjorn. “It goes with me everywhere; scuba diving, snowboarding backcountry terrain, bicycling and friendly gatherings.”

On weekdays outside of work, Bjorn enjoys swimming, playing beach volleyball and tennis with colleagues and spending time with his young nephew.

“I cherish these moments as a first time Uncle,” said Bjorn. “It puts everything in perspective that life is such a fragile thing."

To release the stresses of daily life, a few times a year Bjorn and some friends celebrate ‘Shameless Saturday’ which finds themselves dressed up in funky outfits hitting local pubs and garnering lots of attention. “You can’t take life too seriously, it’s fun to see people’s reactions, laughter, and smiles,” says Bjorn. “A smile can make all the difference."