Hunker’s Outlook on Life Changed in 2008

Tue Nov 22 00:00:00 EST 2016

Employee Spotlight: Hunker Wang





Hunker Wang is proud to raise his family in Chengdu, a city with a leisurely lifestyle, beautiful scenery and friendly people. As a father of young children, Hunker spends his time outside of work taking care of them and enjoys life’s most precious moments. “My family’s harmony is the greatest motivation to me,” he says. He values every minute he spends with them.

One of the moments that re-shaped his outlook on life, making him re-evaluate the importance of not taking life for granted, occurred in May of 2008. Becoming one of the worst natural disasters in modern history, a 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck the province of Sichuan in central China. Hunker traveled over 100 miles to assist in recovery efforts. “I will never forget this disaster and the impact it had on those in the community,” said Hunker.  ​

Seeing how precious life is, he plans to take advantage of it and spend more time traveling. He hopes to soon visit China’s Tibet region situated in the western part of the county. Hunker is fascinated by the simple, open-minded life of the Tibetan people. “The region is rich with festivals, culture and different food from traditional China,” he adds.

As a Quality Supervisor at Jabil’s Chengdu facility, Hunker is responsible for maintaining the site’s quality control systems and for helping drive quality throughout the manufacturing floor. Hunker fully embraces the company’s culture and is committed to growing his career at Jabil. “I’m not afraid of hard work,” says Hunker. “I believe in no pain, no gain.”