The Women and Technology Empowering the Digital Revolution

This is not a story of women in technology and what they can do. This is a story of women AND technology and how, together, they can deliver great things.

The most valuable companies in the world today are software and data companies. These companies know how to use data as the connective tissue that aligns all aspects of their business. Change is happening and it’s happening fast! The world is transforming at a relentless and accelerating pace. The digital thread is driving transformation and every element of our lives is being impacted, from the way we shop to the way we monitor and improve health and even the way new products are designed, developed and brought to market. At the epicenter of this perfect storm and empowering the digital transformation is a little-known manufacturing giant called Jabil, whose own digital transformation has been led, in no small part, by a group of driven female leaders who share a passion for new technology and what it can do to make the world a better place. Read More