Social and Environmental Responsibility Compliance Services

Driving Productivity While Reducing Supply Chain Disruptions

For top-performing companies, meeting and exceeding corporate social and environmental responsibility (SER) goals and requirements is a high priority. It drives high employee morale and productivity, revenue-enhancing sustainability, and reduces supply chain interruptions due to environmental and other regulatory concerns.

Managing over $24B of spend globally across a diverse set of industries, Jabil maintains a world-class supply chain SER management capability. With this intelligent digital supply chain background, we give our customers full visibility into supplier data, declarations, and reports:

  • CMRT
  • RCOI
  • Smelters
  • EICC

Interpreting and summarizing this data, the service provides clear, actionable KPI reports that show supplier conflict-free status, completion percentages and current tracking of key data points, smelter list compliance status, relevant compliance documents, and supplier risk assessments. In addition, unique HealthCheck summaries instantly communicate SER status.

The scalable service (with Bronze, Silver and Gold packages) also provides training and outreach to suppliers that include native language support.

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