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A New Approach

Additive Manufacturing is transforming the way things are made. It gives companies the option to be proactive and respond to customer requirements with speed. From rapid prototyping to distributed manufacturing and on-demand production to accelerated time-to-market – the product lifecycle benefits tremendously from Additive Manufacturing.

Enter Jabil.

We deliver production parts for our customers and to ensure successful outcomes we rely on a proven end-to-end solution:

  • Materials: We begin with materials that align with our customers’ requirements, and work together to validate how they are applied for specific industries and applications.
  • Processes: We bring deep expertise around proven manufacturing rigors ensuring that your parts perform as expected. This includes the end-to-end processes of design, validation, production and certification.
  • Machines: We use a wide range of additive technologies and machines. Before production begins, we test and qualify machines to ensure part quality, consistency and cost.
From Subtractive to Additive Rethinking How We View Manufacturing

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Where Change is Happening Today

Leading industries adopting Additive Manufacturing include Footwear, Transportation and Industrial Machines.
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The Benefits of an Additive Approach

Part Consolidation and Design Freedom

Drive exponential value by consolidating many parts into one. Optimize part topologies and design geometries not previously possible.


Accelerate Time-To-Market 

With faster responses to market changes and accelerated new product introductions.

On-Demand Local Delivery

Geography is no longer a barrier to getting customers the products they need. Produce products on-demand, in local markets.


Mass Customization and Personalization

Create personalized products according to individual needs. 

Lighter, Stronger, Better

Capitalize on materials and design innovations with a consolidated bill of materials, lighter components and better overall parts and assemblies.


Local Production & Digital Thread

Produce in local markets and shift production by sending a single digital file.

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Watch the Auburn Hills Case Study

Jabil Drives Digital Transformation with the Power of Additive at Auburn Hills Facility
One of Jabil, Inc.’s oldest manufacturing plants is also putting to powerful use one of the most advanced digital manufacturing technologies available today – 3D printing. Design freedom, coupled with dramatic average time-to-market and cost savings are just a few of the gains achieved on behalf of both Jabil and its customers in the Detroit-area plant.

Auburn HillsAdditive Manufacturing at Auburn Hills

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