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Additive Innovation in Transportation and Heavy Equipment

A 30 year-old tractor has broken down. It’s taking weeks to source and deliver the part to your customer. Meanwhile, your customer is frustrated and considering his options. Now, imagine if all it took to deliver the new part was opening a digital file, pressing print, and driving the part out to the customer. This is how Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing the transportation industry.

Whether building off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles, heavy equipment or automobiles, it can be extremely difficult to support low or mid-volume production runs with cost effective, consistent results. How are you responding to demands for innovative product designs with appropriate levels of certification while supporting a large installed base?

Enter Additive Manufacturing.

Jabil delivers production parts – with certified productions processes – leveraging a powerful combination of Materials, Processes and Machines (MPM). We reduce risk and deliver parts that align with your requirements enabling you to streamline your entire approach to design, manufacture, and delivery of your products. We deliver:

  • Parts production in local markets
  • Parts consolidation and unique geometries through DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing)
  • Industry certification as required
  • Parts on demand for Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO)

Additive for Transportation

The Impact of Additive

Lighter, Stronger, Better

The innovations in materials and design methods is changing at a rapid pace. Capitalize on these innovations with a consolidated bill of materials, lighter components, and better overall parts and assemblies.

Legacy Is No Longer An Issue

Legacy parts are expensive to store and manage. Instead, maintain an online database of digital files, that with a few clicks can be printed when and where they’re needed.  

New Business Models

Entire companies will soon be built around reproducing the design of legacy and new parts into digital files. Owning these files allows companies to be flexible to the changing demands within the industry. 


Eliminate the environmental and resource waste that comes with inventories, warehouses, and unnecessary transportation of parts and components.

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At Jabil, we’re changing the way things are made. With an integrated approach that takes advantage of our ability to evaluate materials, processes, and machines – we can give you the technologies and products that revolutionize how you design, manufacture, inventory, and deliver parts and assemblies. 

Trust in our end-to-end Materials, Process, Machines (MPM) process to reduce your risk and meet your requirements head-on. Contact us to learn how you can benefit from a fully integrated and cohesive parts and assemblies design, manufacturing, qualification, and production solution.    


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