Footwear & Apparel

Enabling Custom, Personalized Products at Mass-Market Prices

Footwear & Apparel

Collaborating with the footwear and apparel industry, Jabil is helping transform manufacturing and supply chain processes while speeding up production and the delivery of customized products direct to the consumer. Advances in technology that are more additive in nature, more flexible and responsive with lots of automation are playing an increasingly important role in retail manufacturing. One example is athletic footwear and the trend towards mass customization, where consumers can now order shoes with custom-shaped soles, and get the color, size, and features they desire delivered in days. 3D printing is a key tool for design and prototyping workflows, shortening product development and enabling any shape to be quickly replicated using a number of different polymers.

Another example is apparel, where consumers can choose or individually submit a design for their looks. In this case, digital printing is the enabling technology allowing one-off versions of dresses, shoes, or even purses for custom and personalized products at mass-market prices.

With the era of mass customization upon us, Jabil’s expertise in additive manufacturing, robotics, automation, digital supply chain, 3-D printing, and our global scale are driving faster time-to-market so footwear and apparel brands can react quicker to demand signals and custom orders. By creating new manufacturing and supply chain standards that are highly automated and interactive, Jabil is at the forefront of developing the factories of the future.



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