Consumer Devices

Connected, Durable Precision Mechanical / Electronic Assemblies that Improve Delivery, Application & Usage of Consumables

Consumer Devices

In the quest for innovative solutions to meet consumer needs, leading brands are increasingly looking to create powerful brand experiences through product platforms that consist of durable, precision mechanical and electronic devices that improve the delivery, application, and use of consumables such as liquids and paper.

When successful, they’re rewarded with loyalty, through repeated purchase of the consumables, leaving the competition out of the equation. And there’s more. Thanks to the accessibility of IoT and other smart packaging technologies, connected devices offer brands the unique opportunity to tap into a rich stream of data and develop breakthrough value-added offerings and improved customer experiences, from auto-replenishment and delivery, to entirely new business models yet to be discovered.

The appeal of consumer devices is clear, but innovating, launching, and supporting such a product ecosystem can be daunting for even the most seasoned consumer brand.

Extensive experience in the Industrial/Professional devices space, the legacy of precision injection molding and full product lifecycle solutions, combined with the extended expertise, capabilities and Intelligent Digital Supply Chain of a Fortune 200 solutions provider, make Jabil Packaging Solutions the only vertically-integrated packaging and consumer device partner in the market. Packaging is just part of what we do – and what we can put to work for you!