The Jabil Packaging Solutions Difference

The modern consumer has more choice and control than ever before. Our customers need digital solutions that help their products rise above the noise with transformative experiences that drive brand loyalty and improve the bottom line. In a highly competitive environment with fragmented marketing channels, brand teams also need insights that give them an edge. They need visibility that allows them to connect with consumers at a deeper and fundamentally more useful level.

Our Digital Solutions brings rigid packaging and electronics together into intelligent ecosystems that change the way consumers use packages in their homes and businesses – and how brands and retailers connect with them. Imagine. Data-driven, market-optimized packaging formats designed to work seamlessly with a user-friendly consumer device that collects information enabling auto-replenishment and consumer data services. That is transformation. And at Jabil that is what we do.

Digital Solutions Suite


Jabil Packaging Solutions has the Internet of Things expertise to elevate and enrich consumer packaged goods product experiences. Our team handles the embedded software/firmware, communications protocols (BLE, WIFI, Cellular),Cloud Platform and Applications so product teams can focus on delivering compelling value for consumers.


We understand the consumer packaged goods journey as well as anyone. Over the years, we've partnered with companies to develop new ways to address critical issues such as sustainability, child safety, brand equity and the dramatic rise of online shopping. We draw on this long history of collaboration and deep knowledge of the CPG product development process to optimize our digital solutions.


Our services and solutions are specifically mapped to empower the new product development process from agile innovation at the beginning of a project through enterprise best practices as projects grow and mature. Our security platform and cloud architecture are primed to scale from small pilot trials to high volume projects with hundreds of thousands of sophisticated in-market devices.