Data Centers

End-to-End, Workload-Optimized Hardware Solutions and Large-Scale Data Center Deployments

Designing and deploying scale-out IT data centers can be fraught with challenges and complexity that consume precious resources and detract from core business efforts. For companies requiring unique design solutions for hardware at the platform level, the challenges can be equally frustrating. To address these needs, Jabil simplifies the design and deployment process through a personalized consultative approach that prioritizes technical and business requirements. By producing solutions targeted to meet specific needs, we speed time-to-market to sharpen the competitive edge. We handle the nuts and bolts of designing, procuring, integrating, configuring, and validating at scale, before delivery, for plug-and-play solutions delivered anywhere in the world. After a solution is delivered and in operation, we ensure that business operations run smoothly by providing warranty and advanced support services.

  • For partners delivering application appliances to the market, our engineered platforms team provides hardware solutions which are designed and optimized for specialized workloads and personalized to reflect a desired image and identity.
  • Our cloud solutions are built from pre-tested components that we optimize for specific workloads to fully realize industry-leading efficiency for maximum ROI. These architectures can be pre-validated in our labs or via on-site pilot projects.
  • Partners quickly stand up elastic, scalable infrastructures with our OpenStack solutions. These architectures are perfect for the exceptionally dynamic environment of test and development and for the uncertain ebb and flow of hosted workloads.
  • Our Hadoop solutions enable the quick deployment and expansion of Hadoop clusters for insight into big data in the shortest amount of time. Our experts can help optimize the ratio of compute-to-capacity to deliver the performance needed for any particular challenge.

Jabil can also provide a personalized design or integration of a hardware stack based on specific requirements. We also can do additional testing and validation with a partner’s software and assist with any additional optimization. The result is an optimized solution that is pre-racked and configured at our factory to exact specifications. This minimizes on-site disruptions and ensures that all components are functioning before they hit the data center.



  • Fully-integrated manufacturing systems and process controls for exacting traceability and quality standards
  • Stage design, fabrication, and integration coupled with experienced motion-control expertise


  • Extensive and well-respected experience with cleanroom environments and technical standards
  • Manufacturing and testing requirements critical to the microelectronics industry

Automated Test Equipment

  • Significant partnerships with market leaders, providing fully-integrated test-head solutions for system-on-chip testing applications

In addition to general EMS capabilities for components, Jabil helps data center customers optimize:

  • Rack, blade, cloud architectures
  • Networking and ATCA architectures
  • iSCSI, SAS/SATA, FCoE, Infiniband data interfaces
  • Power supply and DC-DC design
  • Signal integrity analysis and simulation
  • Structural, thermal, air-flow, EMC design
  • BIOS customization, diagnostics, driver software
  • Hard disk qualification