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Jabil Solar

The global solar market is a fast-paced and dynamic environment with over 85GW’s of PV to be built in 2018. Current trends include the commoditization of residential inverters, the deployment of string inverters in the utility space, advances in energy management, and increased deployments in emerging markets such as India and countries in Latin America. Ever changing government regulations and lower feed-in-tariffs continue to place pressure on the price per watt making lower cost and high quality paramount for success.

A Proactive Solutions Partner

Jabil has over 10 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and distributing inverters and balance-of-solution (BoS) components. With a global manufacturing footprint serving geographies in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Jabil partners with solar-energy companies to:

  • Design for increased power output as cost-per-watt declines
  • Skillfully meet complex regulations and duties worldwide
  • Stand up to increasing price pressures from supplier consolidations

Working to meet the demands of lower costs and high-quality requirements, our quality manufacturing services enable long-term product life cycles in the field. With a relentless focus on continuous process improvement and supply chain leverage, our value-add services have historically helped customers achieve 10 – 12% average annual cost reduction for inverter product lines helping customers stay competitive today and into the future.

Jabil’s end-to-end inverter capabilities and expertise include:

  • Extensive experience in the development and production of solar inverters (micro, string 2 – 53kW), DC optimizers, LV Multi-level inverters and HV DC converters
  • Production of leading utility, commercial, and residential inverter OEMs in China, Mexico and Hungary
  • Critical third-party review of customer designs for value engineering and design efficacy

Throughout the world, a dedicated team of Jabil Power Engineers work closely with customers from ideation and product development to testing and production with a core focus on module level power electronics, string inverter topologies, high voltage DC power supplies, DC EV chargers, phasor measurement units and residential storage solutions.

Jabil’s best-in-class, end-to-end services accelerate time-to-market and enable market leadership for our solar-energy customers. From design and fabrication through testing and an intelligent, digital supply-chain that ensures customers build in the right location at the right cost, Jabil delivers technological and innovative solutions for the solar-energy market – building a sustainable tomorrow, today.

Jabil InControl™

The Jabil InControl™ platform offers an industry-leading service that provides customers end-to-end visibility of their supply chain along with the advanced data analytics to pinpoint opportunities for profit, and areas of concern or risk before they become problems.

Jabil Additive

Additive manufacturing is changing the way things are made. From rapid prototyping and distributed manufacturing to on-demand production and accelerated time-to-market, the product lifecycle is benefiting from additive manufacturing. Jabil Additive delivers production parts for our customers, and to ensure successful outcomes we rely on a proven end-to-end solution that encompasses materials, processes, and machines

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