Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Transformation powered by Jabil InControl™

Transform your supply chain ecosystem with our suite of managed services. Powered by Jabil InControl, our award-winning Intelligent Digital Supply Chain orchestration platform, our services provide invaluable end-to-end visibility and analytics. They connect upstream suppliers and downstream channels more efficiently, improve planning, and leverage best practices to optimize supply chain performance.

Jabil supply chain managed services include:

  • Supply Chain Network Optimization
  • Compliance and Conflict Minerals

Supply Chain Network Optimization

Network optimization provides a powerful modeling approach that significantly reduces costs and improves service levels by better aligning supply chain strategies. It incorporates end-to-end costing, including purchase, production, warehousing, inventory, and transportation. Organizations can run network scenarios and evaluate and proactively implement changes in response to dynamic business scenarios such as new product introductions, changes in demand patterns, additions of new supply sources, and changes in tax laws.

Compliance and Conflict Minerals

Our compliance and conflict minerals service ensures that organizations implement effective programs that enable credible and reliable reporting while meeting your commercial requirements.

The standard service includes:

  • Training and outreach to suppliers — including native language support
  • Updated supplier conflict minerals reporting templates (CMRTs)
  • Reviews of supplier CMRTs for quality and completion
  • Consolidated CMRTs covering all suppliers at the conclusion of a project

Customer Benefits

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