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Matching Capabilities to Trending Market Requirements

Jabil is always looking over the horizon to develop and maintain a solution portfolio that solves our customers’ real-world problems.  We go beyond contract manufacturing to become a true and trusted product solutions partner. By augmenting our customers’ knowledge, we bring their imagined solutions to life ahead of their competition by leveraging our broad industry experience, exposure to new technologies, engineering excellence and innovative process engineering.

In fact, continual customer engagements and interaction at any one of our Blue Sky centers, speaking with industry analysts, leveraging end-user sentiment analysis tools, and conducting focus group research helps us anticipate market trends, stay on top of the latest technologies, and consistently innovate new ways to advance design and production processes.  This is what has vaulted Jabil to become one of the world’s leading manufacturing solutions providers.

Our solutions operate at the speed of business – offering business agility not limited by manufacturing or process barriers. Jabil’s operational excellence provides our customers the ability to intelligently anticipate, pivot and adapt to new demands and changing business environments.

Our featured solutions are advanced capabilities that can benefit any company – regardless of their product:

  • Additive Manufacturing enables rapid prototyping to speed time-to-market; part consolidation to drive down costs; and, mass customization and personalization to enhance value.
  • Low-Volume Build & Manufacturing lets companies build what they want, when they want it, with greater variety and customization.
  • Packaging Innovation Sprint keeps development processes lean and mean, to economically determine how packaging can ensure a product’s success: Will the market accept it? Is the idea technically feasible? Does the concept make sense financially?
  • Digital Solutions transform execution and go-to-market models to ensure long-term market leadership – leveraging techniques such as digital twins, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. 

Learn how comprehensive Jabil manufacturing expertise combined with unmatched technical innovation can help you bring products to market at unprecedented speeds with the lowest possible costs by Contacting Us.

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