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Jabil provides end-to-end transactional procurement solutions, along with advanced analytics, at every stage of the procure to pay lifecycle.

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When Procurement Concerns Prevent Companies from Focusing on Goals

What’s your company’s core competency? Is it innovation, quality, or perhaps customer service? Whatever the case, it’s a good bet that your core competency isn’t procurement. In fact, many companies suffer from antiquated procurement processes and substandard operations that diminish their agility, cost control and time-to-market. For many companies, the best path to attain industry-leading costs and efficiency is to offload their procurement operations. With its industry-leading expertise and technology, Jabil’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution represents your best partner for taking on your procurement tasks.

BPO provides end-to-end transactional procurement solutions along with advanced analytics at every stage of the procure-to-pay life cycle—instantly adding expertise, scalability, and cost reduction to your organization. Working in partnership with your company, Jabil can enhance multiple procurement-related skills, processes and methodologies.

Transformation Acceleration

Are shortfalls in talent, expertise, and technology limiting your procurement effectiveness? Jabil’s BPO solution allows businesses to bypass the difficult process of building a truly modern procurement operation that has the required category and commodity expertise. By leveraging our hard-won knowledge, technology, supplier relationships and global presence, organizations can satisfy their toughest procurement needs immediately.




Streamline And Automate Sourcing And Procurement Processes

Are antiquated procurement processes limiting your company’s agility, cost-leadership, and time-to-market? Jabil has spent years perfecting its processes and technology infrastructure—
including recent investments in robotic process automation. By leveraging Jabil’s advancements in automation, businesses can benefit from increased speed, efficiency and accuracy while driving down operating costs. 

Readymade Systems And Infrastructure

Should you develop an internal procurement technology stack or leverage the expertise of an experienced supply chain solutions company? Jabil’s infrastructure and technology backbone have been developed over the course of 20 years to perfect every stage of the procure-to-pay lifecycle. This end-to-end procurement solution, with advanced analytics applied at every stage of the procure-to-pay lifecycle, adds expertise, scalability and cost leadership to your organization.


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Jabil’s supplier relationship management team maintains strong working partnerships with over 27,000 global suppliers


Jabil manages the entire end-to-end procurement lifecycle for over 350 of the world’s most influential brands


Jabil employs over 500 category and commodity experts


Jabil closely manages over $15 billion in annual spend

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