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Jabil’s procurement advisory solution spans assessment, program design, and execution

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Strategy: The Critical Factor For Procurement Success

To succeed in today’s fast-paced, technically driven procurement environment, organizations must have a plan. They also need procurement teams that have the necessary skills, structures, processes and technologies to achieve and maintain cost leadership. However, every organization has its own unique goals and challenges that must be understood and addressed before it can establish an effective procurement strategy. Jabil’s Procurement Strategy & Vision solution works with your team to understand its circumstances and develop successful game plans.

Procurement Strategy & Vision develops optimized supply management strategies. The solution provides its customers with organizational and operating models that enhance procurement performance. Jabil experts also can assess talent and skill gaps within procurement organizations. Just as importantly, the solution can generate technology roadmaps designed to leverage analytics and big data to uncover new opportunities.

Optimized Procurement Strategies

Is your procurement team aligned to your enterprise strategy? Jabil provides organizational and operating model design for increased effectiveness and lower operating costs. This includes an optimized supply management strategy for rationalization, quality management, and closed-loop collaboration. These strategies ensure a consistent, uninterrupted supply at the lowest sustainable costs, while providing scalability and flexibility for the future.

Talent & Skill Gap Assessments

Does your team have capacity constraints or lack the skill-sets required to remain competitive in today’s technically driven environment? Jabil’s talent and skill gap assessments provide a blueprint for the construction of world class procurement organizations—for management of continual improvement, from strategy through implementation. This solution enables customers to develop the methods and means to gain a sustainable, cost-leadership position and continuously improving results. 

Procurement Technology Roadmap

Is your technology limiting your procurement effectiveness? Our procurement experts assess your technology roadmap and devise a strategy to align with today’s big data management and analytical requirements. This newfound prescriptive and predictive intelligence identifies unrealized opportunities for sustainable cost-leadership and fast, accurate decision making. Providing smooth work and data flows on one unified intelligent, always-on procurement platform with global ecosystem connections.  

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Jabil manages the entire end-to-end procurement lifecycle for over 350 of the world’s most influential brands    


Jabil closely manages over $15 billion in annual spend


Jabil’s Intelligent Procurement Platform leverages analytics and big data to unearth unparalleled market intelligence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Jabil operates strategically located sourcing and purchasing operations in over 100 dedicated locations spanning 26 countries

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