Is Your Supply Chain Built For A Changing World?

Jabil’s Intelligent Digital Supply Chain (IDSC) Network Optimization Service Puts You Back In The Drivers Seat.

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The Impact Of Change On Your Supply Chain

An optimized supply chain network means minimized costs and risks along with improved service and the fastest-possible throughput. Yet increased global outsourcing, the rise of big data, and the need to simultaneously support many different market segments make today’s multi-tier networks extraordinarily complex. And unpredictable change is consistent everywhere along the chain, adding convoluted risks that introduce cost and threaten competitiveness. How do you understand your drivers and the impact on your overall goal? How do you model and flex those drivers to increase value?    

IDSC Services Ensure Network Optimization

To meet these challenges, Jabil’s Network Optimization service simulates and optimizes footprint scenarios, factoring every facet of the network, from raw material sources to end-customer locations. By providing rich scenario modeling – customizable for any supply chain – Jabil’s Network Optimization service enables reliable, fact-based decision making with remarkable accuracy. This service leverages:

  • Activity based modeling to explore optimal solutions
  • Customized constraints and configurations for real-life simulation 
  • Deterministic sensitivity to show tipping points between scenarios

Find The Tipping Point

A sensitivity analysis of major macroeconomic cost-drivers allows businesses to find tipping points and understand future costs. Intuitive visualizations simplify complex algorithms enabling accurate decision making at speed.    

Understand The Big Picture

Comprehensive, activity based simulation illuminates even the most complex supply chains with easy-to-understand maps, graphs and dashboards. The calculations driving these simluations are validated by experienced functional supply chain leads. 

Quantify The Intangible 

Interactive dashboards, with custom controls built specifically for each business, provide immediate data-driven insight into supply chain risk and cost. See the impact of fluctuations in distribution, sourcing options, taxes, duties and more in seconds.  

The Power of Network Optimization

Scenario Modeling

Explore sourcing, production or distribution strategies while preserving real-life constraints and accounting for complex driver interactions

Cost Driver Insight

Identify cost saving opportunities by projecting the impact of factors that influence total landed cost    


Manufacturing Footprint

Enable smarter site selection by exploring the cost impact of manufacturing throughout different regions of the world    


Rich Visualization

View all of your scenarios and outputs in one easy-access visualization portal 

Real-World Experience Where It Counts 



Jabil’s Network Optimization practice has evaluated over $29 billion worth of global footprint revenues. 


Optimization of a manufacturing footprint typically yields a savings of 11.4 percent of non-BOM spend. Additional benefits include higher service level, improved cash flow and lower material TCO.    


Jabil’s Network Optimization practice has identified $663 million in savings.    


Jabil’s Network Optimization team has completed over 600 projects for businesses spanning multiple verticals and geographies. 

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How to Get Started

What do demand patterns, tax laws, service level requirements and manufacturing capacity all have in common? They are all constantly in flux – threatening to erode the risk mitigation and cost savings strategies embedded in your supply chain. Jabil’s Network Optimization service leverages advanced analytics to design the optimal footprint and ensure a competitive solution from end-to-end. To learn more about Jabil’s Network Optimization service or any of our other Supply Chain Managed Service offerings, sign up for our free consultation.    

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