Design for Supply Chain

Optimize Designs at Any Point in the Product Lifecycle

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Optimize Supply Chain Design at Any Point In the Product Life-Cycle 

Optimizing the supply chain early in the process ensures the greatest return from sustainable products. This application leverages predictive analytics to ensure that once a product is ready for production, the supply chain won’t need costly changes. Running assessments early in the design stages identify potential risks and opportunities along with actionable recommendations based on the project’s primary objectives.  Simulations are easy. The application prioritizes and compares alternatives and shows how different choices impact the supply chain and or project.    

Drive Supply Chain Continuity

With all designs located in one centralized work space, supply chain practioners can easily collaborate on design improvements, step back through previous versions, and even compare different bill of materials line-by-line.


Ensure Optimized Designs

Practitioners gain rapid visibility into sourcing locations for items with long lead times, commodity clusters by geographic area, and sole-source, single-location components and parts/SKUs. Intelligent analytics recommend alternate parts that align with priorities such as price, flexibility, and time to market. 


Understand the Variables 

Powerful predictive analytics drive intelligent dashboards, letting practitioners evaluate products at any stage in the design cycle. Prioritized recommendations enable faster analysis of alternatives.

Design for Supply Chain