Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-End Visibility Across the Entire Ecosystem

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End-to-End Visibility Across the Ecosystem

Until now, supply chain practitioners just didn’t have an easy way to make data-driven decisions without weeks of sourcing, aggregating, and analyzing data from multiple source systems. With rich, yet easy-to-understand advanced visualization modules, the Supply Chain Visibility application: interactively monitors the status of real-time supply chain material, orders, suppliers, and component information. Providing immediate collaboration for time-critical decisions, ensuring on-time customer delivery, maximized service levels, and minimized disruptions.

View the Entire Supply Chain

Improve operational and financial performance of supply chain ecosystem with easy to use intelligent decision support tools. Real time access and transparency to information across the entire supply chain is critical to making informed decisions faster (i.e. suppliers, partners, inventory, logistics hubs, customers). However, visibility is not enough, practitioners need tools that intelligently apply analytics to identify and prioritize issues with recommended alternatives.


Increase Proactive Management

Sophisticated predictive analytics signal potential trouble areas before they become a problem. Executives and operations can interactively monitor the status of real-time supply chain material, order, and component information. This enables immediate collaboration for time sensitive decisions, ensuring on-time customer delivery, maximized service levels, and minimized disruptions.


Track Materials and Orders

Early identification of profit leaks across the supply chain is critical to every business. Drill down to key metrics and exceptions in the flow of goods from manufacturing facilities and hubs all the way to the end customer to optimize inventories and improve time-to-market.


See the Solution in Action

To learn how the Supply Chain Visibility application drives improved business outcomes, watch the application demo video. This quick overview illustrates how supply chain professionals can leverage the Visibility application to track materials and orders and instantly view the overall health of the supply chain. This real-time insight allows practitioners to answer the toughest supply chain questions in minutes rather than days.

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Supply Chain Visibility