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Welcome to the Jabil Coupa Supplier Enablement resource page! This page contains resources that will guide you through the latest cutting-edge performance provided by the Coupa Purchasing system. If you have questions or inquiries about Jabil or Coupa, please contact us at


Coupa Supplier Portal

Jabil is excited to offer the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) as a free tool for suppliers to easily do business with Jabil.  The CSP makes managing transactions easy. The CSP provides you the ability to view purchase orders in one convenient location, sending invoices and see payment status, provide advance ship notices (ASNs), checking the status of transactions, and more.  See below for detailed training documentation as well as training videos to help you understand the benefits that the CSP can bring to you as a Jabil partner.    

Coupa Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN) – PO Email

In addition to the CSP, Jabil also offering a way for suppliers to transact using a simple email address.  If a supplier chooses not to use the CSP, but does want to be able to gain visibility in to invoice status, they may choose to use Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN).  This will allow suppliers to submit invoices against purchase orders (POs) directly from their PO emails without logging in to the CSP. When suppliers act on these Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN), they can get follow-up notifications from Coupa about the status of what they submitted, without having a CSP account.  Those notifications include, but are not limited to Invoice submit confirmation, notification of an invoice dispute as well as confirmation once an invoice is paid.  See below for detailed training documentation as well as training videos to help you understand the benefits that SAN can bring to you as a Jabil partner.


Punch Out Catalog Enablement Guide

A Punch Out Catalog, more accurately called a Punch Out Website, is a method for Jabil to buy from a supplier's website from within Jabil’s own purchasing system.  A PunchOut website is a standard ecommerce website with the special ability to communicate directly with a procurement system through cXML and return a pending purchase order back to the buyer so they don't need to enter product information in the procurement system.  This method is suggested for suppliers with large catalogs of parts as well as large purchase order transactions and does require IT work on the suppliers side to manage the site.  If you have this capability and require set up, the below requirements gathering process must be submitted.




Coupa供应商主页系统 (CSP)

介绍: 捷普非常高兴地引入Coupa供应商主页系统,作为一个免费的交易平台提供给所有供应商,以方便您与捷普公司进行合作。Coupa供应商主页系统会让您的交易管理更加便捷。通过Coupa供应商主页系统,您可以随时随地查看订单,提供发票与查收货款,提交出货通知单(ASN),检查交易状态,等等。CSP相关的更多资料,请参阅以下详细的培训资料和视频。

Coupa 供应商可操作提醒 (SAN) – 订单邮件

介绍:  除了 CSP, 捷普还为供应商提供了一种直接用邮箱地址进行交易的交易方式。对于选择不采用CSP,但是希望查看发票状态的供应商,可以使用供应商可操作提醒(SAN)。SAN允许供应商从邮件中直接提交队形订单(POs)的发票,而无需登陆Coupa供应商主页系统。供应商在使用SAN时,即使不拥有一个CSP账户,也可以从Coupa接收到他们所提交内容的状态通知。这些提醒包括但不局限于:发票提交确认,发票异议通知和发票支付款确认。SAN相关的更多资料,请参阅以下详细的培训资料和视频。


Punch Out 价格目录指南

Punch Out 价格目录,更确切地说是Punch Out站点,允许捷普从嵌入在捷普内部采购系统中的供应商网站直接进行购买的一种方式。一个Punch Out站点基于标准的电子商务网站,它可以直接通过cXML和采购系统进行沟通,进而直接将订单推送给采购员,使其不必在采购系统中输入所需产品信息。此方案建议由与捷普拥有相对大量交易目录单元以及交易金额的供应商采纳,并且此方案需要供应商方对站点管理提供IT支持。若贵司有相关能力并寻求建立Punch out站点,请依据以下要求提交申请。