Helping our Customers Harness Innovation and Technology to Solve Unique Challenges

Jabil Healthcare, formerly Nypro, is now the largest global manufacturing solutions provider in healthcare.

This gives our customers access to unmatched capabilities, experience and scale across Jabil — from design through manufacturing and delivery.

Over the last few years we have established leadership in the industry with our execution on digital healthcare, product lifecycle management, miniaturization and additive manufacturing. 

Today, as Jabil Healthcare, we take a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to innovation and solving the challenges of our customers. We are driving toward one goal: to be the most technologically advanced and trusted healthcare solutions provider in the world.
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Markets We Serve

Medical Devices

Jabil Healthcare's Medical Devices sector solutions across various domains including minimally invasive devices, blood management, cardiology, patient monitoring, neurology, and surgical expertise in design engineering, NPI, tooling, injection molding, and supply chain management.


Jabil Healthcare's orthopedics provides excellence in manufacturing complex and innovative healthcare products for trauma, joints, spine, and craniomaxillofacial (CMF) surgical solutions delivering solutions that maximize precision care, quality and value.


Jabil Healthcare Diagnostics sector has innovative capabilities in digital healthcare manufacturing, driven by demand for increased portability and mobility of diagnostics equipment, requirements for data, critical to connected patient ecosystem and point-of-care environment.

Pharmaceutical Delivery System

Jabil Healthcare’s Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems (PDS), complex innovative drug delivery device manufacturing. PDS operates in two key domains: inhalers and injectables. Product lifecycle management, design, sterilization, assembly of final product and FinPack.

Consumer Health

Jabil Healthcare designs and develops both regulated and non-regulated wearables and consumer health products: fitness trackers, smart footwear, sensor-integrated shorts, shirts, belts, blood pressure monitors, breast pumps, and oral health care products like toothbrushes.

Jabil Healthcare Engineering & Technology

From initial concept design to industrialization, Jabil Healthcare Engineering & Technology (JHET) helps the world’s most trusted healthcare brands to solve their most complex product design and development challenges.

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible! 

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Jabil Healthcare Engineering & Technology

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