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Insights on market and technology trends, supply chain risks and opportunities, and industry-specific recommendations.

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Welcome to Jabil, one of the world's leading manufacturing solutions providers. With our 50+ years of experience managing supply chains for 450 of the world's leading brands, we provide you the knowledge to navigate the ever-changing global economy. In today's world of volatility and transition, actionable market intelligence is essential for organizational success.

We offer in-depth insights into market trends, technological developments, and supply chain risks and opportunities in eight of the most sought-after industries. Our information is reliable, evidence-based, and relevant, making it a valuable asset for any business.

Our team of industry experts are ready to share their first-hand perspectives with you, including data and insights on market and technology trends, supply chain risks and opportunities, and industry-specific recommendations.

Industries Included

Automotive:  A comprehensive overview of the automotive industry and its shift toward advanced driver assistance, connectivity, electrified powertrains, and more with this in-depth analysis of industry trends.

Wireless Infrastructure: Insights into how 5G revolution is transforming wireless infrastructure, from new open standards and hardware commoditization to the rise of Open RAN and the impact of geopolitical shifts.

Mobile Devices: A deep dive into the evolving mobile devices market, alongside insights into supply chain challenges and ESG considerations, and analysis of the impact of 5G on global adoption.

Cloud & Storage: In this report, we discuss the latest trends in the cloud market, the emerging risks, and the role of hyperscale cloud providers in shaping the industry's future.

Smart Home & Appliances: An in-depth analysis of the current state, trends, and future of the smart home and appliance technology market, including insights into key drivers, changing product lifecycles, and manufacturing challenges.

Retail & Payment Solutions: Learn how technological advancements, changing customer demand, and sustainability initiatives are transforming the market.

Healthcare: Discover how the healthcare industry is rapidly innovating, with the convergence of macrotrends and technology accelerations transforming the way care is delivered to patients.

Energy: An in-depth look at the energy industry's transition to renewable energy, with a focus on the growth of wind and solar energy, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging.

Why Jabil

Jabil has a valued reputation for being among the best in optimizing manufacturing and supply chain programs for hundreds of the world’s leading brands. Navigating a vast network of over 36,000 suppliers and managing more than 700,000 parts across all market segments provides Jabil a unique perspective into the dynamic landscape of global procurement. 

At Jabil, our supply chain teams across the globe gather billions of data points on component availability and pricing, supplier lead times, logistics conditions, and other critical intelligence every day. As active procurement and supply chain practitioners, our insights come from decades of experience — not observation.

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