Procurement Managed Services

Increase your supply assurance when you tap into Jabil’s proven procurement processes and operations.

Jabil is one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers and we’re trusted by more than 450 of the world’s largest brands across industries that range from home appliances to fitness trackers and wind turbines. In conducting that manufacturing work for the last 50+ years, we optimize our customers’ supply chain and procurement operations for assurance of supply and cost savings. Now, we’re extending that support beyond our manufacturing customers to all businesses that want stay focused on their core competency while outsourcing procurement operations to a reliable, proven partner.

Procurement Simplified

Our responsive, customer-centric team of procurement professionals will manage your entire procurement spend and processes. Tailored, scalable solutions are designed to handle all procurement and supplier management tasks on your behalf.

We offer support with sourcing, quoting, negotiating, suppler management, shortage gaps, and more world class processes for your direct and indirect spend. Simplify your operations and create a single source of information with Jabil’s procurement managed services.  

Procurement Managed Services

Dedicated Team
A customer-centric team of dedicated practitioners will focus on your delivery and efficiency gains.

Procurement Managed Services

Assurance of Supply
Take advantage of our supplier relationship network and best-in-class sourcing processes.

Procurement Managed Services

Cost Savings
Meet material cost reduction and avoidance goals faster by leveraging Jabil’s size, scope, processes, and technology.

Flexible, Scalable Cost Model
Does your team struggle to keep up or have capacity constraints? Jabil’s Procurement Managed Service allows you to scale your procurement practice more easily as your business needs change. Now, tasks such as transaction and order processing (procure-to-pay) and procuring to a customer's MRP, can all be handled by Jabil experts. Whether you lack expertise in a specific commodity or need to further reduce costs, this on-demand approach affords the flexibility to ensure business continuity.

Regionalized Global Procurement Centers
Could your team benefit from the buying power and expertise of a company with four centralized regional global procurement centers that purchase from over 36,000 established suppliers? From buying to delivery, you can now leverage our 2,000+ in-region procurement experts to work on your behalf. This regionalized expertise combined with our close-knit supplier relationships, provides efficient operations at a fraction of the cost.

Established Systems, Infrastructure and Processes
It’s a challenge to build the skillsets, technologies, and best-in-class procurement processes that will allow you to thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment. Jabil’s Procurement Managed Services harness the robust, scalable infrastructure that Jabil has built over 60 years to help the world’s top brands get their products to market on-time and under budget. Now, the same tools, intelligent technologies and process automation can be leveraged within your business to achieve increased efficiency, flexibility, and cost leadership. Allow Jabil to represent and manage your spend as a trusted outsourcing partner.