Procurement Technology Services

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Jabil's procurement technology services are designed to assist companies in embarking on a digital transformation journey for their procurement organization. However, procurement transformation is about more than just cost savings; it involves shifting from a tactical execution function to a strategic role in the business. Here at Jabil, we are committed to helping companies achieve this shift.

Our goal is to enable process efficiency, create more transparency, and deliver cost leadership to our customers.  We help our customers achieve these goals by offering services that deliver increased compliance, increased visibility (especially in times of supply chain disruption), and enablement of data-driven decision making via simplified analytics – all to deliver a faster return on their procurement technology investment. 

Practitioner-Focused Services

As fellow practitioners, we understand the headaches and opportunity cost of inefficient purchasing. To help you save time and ensure success, Jabil provides Source-to-Pay services for software selection, implementation, and optimization: 

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