Supply Chain Advisory Report

Real-world advice from procurement and supply chain professionals

As one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers, Jabil is in the trenches as a full-time procurement, supply chain, and logistics practitioner working with more than 36,000 suppliers manufacturing products for 450 top brands around the world. Unique among consultants, our advisory services leverage our expertise, processes, technology and lessons learned from operating our own massive global supply chain. Efficient supply chain and procurement management is critical to our success—and we’ll leverage our lessons learned and expertise to provide you a custom Supply Chain Advisory Report.

We’ll conduct a strategic assessment of your company’s current supply chain-related processes compared to best-in-class benchmarks and provide recommendations for cost avoidance, increased flexibility, and risk mitigation. Analysis includes:

Spend Analytics

  • Cost Analysis Scoring
  • Risk Scoring
  • Second Sourcing Optionality

Process Analytics

  • Demand Planning
  • Supplier Management
  • Sourcing and Procurement Process
  • Shortage Process Management
  • Procurement Market Intelligence Metrics

Supply Chain Analytics

  • Carbon Footprint
  • Logistics Cost and Process Benchmarking
  • Supply Chain Network Optimization Mapping and Scenario Development

The final Advisory Report includes tailored recommendations from experienced practitioners to help you realize your growth, cost and efficiency goals, including:

  • Optimized Supply Chain and Procurement Processes
  • Risk Avoidance and Cost Optimization Strategies
  • Optimized Supply Chain Network
  • Increased Sourcing Opportunities
  • Strategies to achieve your environmental and sustainability goals

Once the report is delivered, leverage Jabil’s full suite of Supply Chain and Procurement Services to realize advantages in assurance of supply, partner relationship management, cost-saving and avoidance opportunities, and on-time delivery.

We are a trusted partner acting as an extension of your Procurement and Supply Chain team, helping realize your company’s growth, efficiency and supply chain optimization goals.