Logistics Management Services

Reliable, Proactive, Intelligent Logistics Solutions

Jabil serves 450 of the world’s top brands from 100 factories located in 30 countries. We understand the challenges and complexities of global logistics management and strive to simplify the process for you.  Tap into our highly-skilled central logistics management team and proven technology to efficiently manage the full spectrum of goods flowing across your logistics ecosystem.

Our centralized team of experts is on hand 24/7/365 and acts as an extension to your team. We utilize an automated transportation management system that integrates with other logistics systems to provide you access to automated, real-time, in-transit tracking visibility. 

Services offerings include logistics management, warehouse distribution partner management, trade compliance, and more. 

When you choose Jabil, you gain access to a team and infrastructure with decades of experience managing the most complex global supply chains, providing immediate advantages in your logistics efforts, including:

  • Time and resource savings from reduced manual data entry and tracking
  • Lower freight costs through logistics optimization
  • Increased tracking visibility
  • Crisis management expertise
  • Change management support

Leverage 50 Years of Supply Chain Expertise

Jabil’s employs more than 3,000 global procurement, supply chain, and commodity experts so our partners can focus on driving their competitive advantages—instead of trying to solve the time-consuming nuances of supply chain complexity. 

  • $24B+ global spend in multiple verticals
  • Manufacturing services for 450+ leading brands
  • Management of over 27,000 suppliers

With numbers like these, you can rest assured that we are daily practitioners of every step of successful supply chain management and optimization.