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Jabil's Supply Chain is an innovative, proactive, and knowledge based organization that leverages technology, supplier relationships, customer collaboration and global scale; to deliver value through differentiated, customized and complete end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Supply Chain Management

Innovative, Proactive, Differentiated

Supply Chain Management

Jabil has differentiated itself from the rest of the manufacturing service providers by increasing its capabilities in the value added supply chain engineering services. With services ranging from deep category expertise to turn-key supply chain solutions, Jabil has become a "one stop shop" with vertical integration capabilities. Together with strategic supply chain technology supply partners, creative solutions in both design and supply chain logistics have consistently produced winning product offerings for valued customers.

Standardized Global Supply Chain and Management Systems

Jabil's globally integrated supply chain processes, systems and infrastructure enable end-to-end supply chain solutions that drive optimal cost and complete supply chain visibility.Read More

Supplier Relationships

Jabil's relationships with suppliers creates value and market expertise.Read More

Supply Chain and Management Virtual / Vertical Mechanics

Jabil provides worldwide commodity management, procurement and localization sourcing for a comprehensive list of industries and commodities.Read More



Standardized Global Supply Chain and Management Systems

Jabil's globally integrated supply chain processes, systems and infrastructure enable end-to-end supply chain solutions that drive optimal cost and complete supply chain visibility.

Supply Chain Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Jabil's technical experts possess strong industry knowledge and procurement management skills. This highly trained team brings management supply chain value to internal and external customers by staying abreast of current and forecasted supply chain market trends. Jabil's impressive suite of E-Commerce tools and supply chain technology also allow real time decisions to be made in reaction to any given market dynamics.

Supply Chain Demand & Procurement Management

Jabil has a dedicated team of Customer focused staff that work collaboratively to develop the supply chain demand management process and provide rapid management supply chain demand change analysis for constraints and liability. Jabil also has a trained team of professional buyers that are dedicated to the procurement management of the company's highest value components to ensure we micro manage the most valuable assets appropriately.

Flexibility, SMI, Consignment

Jabil works collaboratively with customers management supply chain and procurement teams to ensure maximum flexibility of the supply chain process with procurement contracts that support lean / pull based replenishment. Jabil has a highly developed suite of web and e-commerce tools , allowing suppliers to have rapid visibility to supply chain demand fluctuations and respond appropriately.

Contract Alignment

Jabil works with customers to ensure the supply chain design meets customer expectations in contractual terms. This involves analysis of liability through the supply chain process to minimize the impact of demand volatility. Jabil has a team of supply chain management specialists who partner with customers to identify the contract gaps and drive change in the supply chain process minimizing the liability to our customers while balancing their flexibility requirements.

Supply Chain Management Experts 

Supply chain management is no longer a series of buy-sell events between customers and suppliers. Today's complex global marketplace requires technical capabilities covering all facets of supply chain logistics, administered by experienced, innovative problem solvers. Jabil's supply chain management experts deploy and utilize these skills and capabilities to develop end-to-end supply chains, allowing optimum velocity while delivering the lowest total cost. By working closely with customers, Jabil deliver industry-leading results. Jabil has been a supply chain solutions leader in the development and utilization of automation and the use of this automation allow dynamic, real-time answers to today's complex supply chain challenges.

Alternate Approved Vendor List (AVL)

Jabil is able to compete in both expanding and contracting markets by perpetually scouting new localized supply chain suppliers and staying abreast of the constant changes in global supply chain technology. It is this activity – combined with the embedded component engineers and commercially savvy commodity and procurement managers – that create opportunities for our customers to lower cost, increase flexibility and reduce risk. In combination, this activity creates value for our leading-edge suppliers. And Jabil's market-specific approach and cooperative design and supply chain logistics expertise results in value engineering that creates additional major improvements in both overall product quality, manufacturability and order fulfillment.

Supplier Relationships

Supply Chain Management Quality

Jabil's focus on supply chain quality encompasses continuous improvement of supplier performance through six sigma methodology, comprehensive supplier assessments, logistics and supply chain management qualifications and stewardship within the supply chain in social and environmental responsibility.

Supply Chain Supplier Performance

Jabil's assessment of supply chain suppliers' performance focuses on continuous supply chain and management improvement through deployment of Six Sigma methodologies.

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Comprehensive Supplier Audits and Development

Jabil audits supply chain suppliers' capabilities to continuously satisfy logistic and supply chain management requirements and is dedicated to developing suppliers for future supply chain logistics challenges and needs.

A number of tools including initial assessments, surveillance assessments, supplier annual business reviews, performance measurement /supply chain logistics monitoring / reviews, new product introduction and supply chain process audits are employed in this effort. Outputs are used to identify supply chain management opportunities for development and continuous improvement.

Supply Chain and Management Qualification

Jabil supports the qualification and development efforts of suppliers in support of Jabil supply chain strategies.

Qualification and development activities are focused on:

  • Quality System and Policies
  • Supply Chain Facilities Management
  • Demand Management – Production and Capacity Planning
  • Advanced Quality Planning
  • Corrective and Preventive Action
  • Supply Chain Process Control
  • Training
  • Procurement
  • Gauge, Test Equipment and Tooling Control
  • Non Conforming Material Control
  • Document Control
  • Environmental Awareness / Management
  • Ethics, Social Responsibility

Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC)

Jabil is dedicated to social, environmental and ethical Stewardship within the industry's supply chain utilizing the EICC as a foundation.

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Supply Chain and Management Virtual / Vertical Mechanics

Commodity Management, Procurement & Supplier Development

Jabil provides worldwide commodity management, procurement and supplier development for a comprehensive list of targeted commodities, including:

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Packaging
  • Machining
  • Die castings
  • Die cut
  • Hardware Commodities

Capabilities in this area include quarterly cost reduction negotiations, global contracts and risk mitigation, supplier performance improvement and new supplier identification, qualification and development for the targeted commodities.

Supply Chain and Green Point

Jabil's Green Point Group expands the company's supply chain logistics offering significantly by providing industry leading vertical decorative plastics and decorative metal enclosures and peripherals.

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Localization / LLC Sourcing

Jabil provides technical and commercial resources in local and low cost markets to source and qualify custom mechanical components and assemblies to meet unique supply chain customer requirements and Jabil requirements. A comprehensive offering includes supply chain management, tooling engineering, mechanical engineering and supplier quality engineering for supply chain companies.

International Procurement Office

Jabil manages commodities, market intelligence and sourcing through a centralized procurement office, which is strategically located in Asia. This provides the advantage of maximum leverage at the optimum point of control, while perpetually driving for efficiency in organizational cost in an ever-evolving complex management supply chain. This strategy allows Jabil to continue to manage supply chain management growth without adding complexity and cost to the overall supply chain process, ensuring competitiveness through efficiency and overall ease-of-doing-business with our supply chain partners.