Advanced Mechanical Engineering Solutions

Complex Assembly, Durable Metal Construction, Easy Serviceability, and Attractive Design

What does a medical diagnostic machine have in common with a retail kiosk, airport security scanner, and telecom switching terminal? All require complex assembly, durable metal construction, easy serviceability, and attractive design. Finding the necessary expertise and capabilities, especially if cost-effective manufacturing and tight time-to-market goals are priorities, can be a challenge. Bringing all these competing factors together takes proper planning and expert knowledge in advanced mechanical engineering solutions.

For businesses to be successful in competitive markets, manufacturing agility is a must. Because of this, much more importance is placed on the product development phase to create effective designs that will reduce the need for revisions in the production phase. Advanced mechanical engineering solutions help build solid product concepts and designs to ensure that quality and value are built into every product.

Jabil’s advanced mechanical engineering teams provide customers with knowledge and expertise from helping design and manufacture the world’s top brands to gain better market agility with efficient manufacturing processes that produce high quality products.

Benefits of Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Advanced mechanical engineering drives technological innovation in every industry and every market. As companies look to innovate new technologies and products, advanced mechanical engineering solutions offer businesses new opportunities to upgrade existing processes and products:

  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Optimize production timelines
  • Improve product ideation
  • Increase quality and value to products
  • Better product functionality

Jabil’s advanced mechanical engineering solutions offer customers a holistic approach to product creation, ensuring that the entire process is optimized to reduce risk and ensure quality. Our engineering specialists analyze the entire product life cycle to optimize successful commercialization:

  • Understand the relationship between mechanical components and how they will be assembled
  • Collaborate with other designers to establish the functions of final mechanical products
  • Define part requirements for products
  • Identify tolerances for dealing with manufacturing variability
  • Meet design objectives and provide evaluations of product during the product life cycle

A Proactive Solutions Partner

Jabil offers end-to-end, comprehensive design and engineering capabilities with operations at over 90 sites in 23 countries. As a single point of accountability, we increase customer value while reducing risk by offering flexible solutions:

  • Innovate and develop designs optimized for performance and manufacturability
  • Rapidly prototype for accelerated product introductions
  • Manufacture the highest-quality products and components using the latest automation and process technologies
  • Stringently validate and test with proprietary, integrated methodologies that ensure maximum product throughput and minimum materials loss and resource waste
  • Ensure that customers build in the right location, source the right materials, and reach target markets with intelligent, digital supply-chain solutions – all for the lowest cost
  • Invest in next-generation capabilities, tools, processes, and people
  • Facilitate advanced, collaborative ideation with the unique Jabil Blue Sky Center

By partnering with Jabil, customers have access to industry leading advanced technologies along with the capabilities and global partnerships that help deliver quality products to market. More importantly, our company culture is founded on innovation and collaboration. Jabil culture is designed to bring out the best in customer ideas. Whether businesses want to optimize or disrupt their target markets and industries, working with Jabil gives businesses the edge to gain market leadership and increased consumer loyalty.

Jabil’s Comprehensive Engineering Services

Jabil advanced mechanical engineering solutions offer vertically integrated capabilities in metal fabrication and machine assemblies including enclosures, large custom racks, weldments, large-form-factor machining, and mechatronic assemblies. We add extensive expertise in material choices, paints, and coatings, and we consistently curb production costs through advanced design for assembly and manufacturing.

Our global expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities makes Jabil a highly valued partner for increasing success in various competitive markets:

  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Semiconductor capital equipment
  • Industrial enclosures
  • Structures for self-service retail

Our end-to-end engineering and product development capabilities include everything for successful product commercialization:

  • Conceptual development
  • Industrial design
  • Product engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Finite element analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Packaging and enclosure design
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly

With Jabil’s advanced mechanical engineering solutions, customers are introduced to new levels of innovation and freedom of design. Most importantly, partnering with Jabil offers more than just the advanced technology to produce high quality, in-demand products. Our collaborative culture and expertise provides unique end-to-end solutions that elevate customer performance. Our culture of integrity, ingenuity, and inspiration make us a trusted manufacturing solutions provider for the world’s top products. By partnering with Jabil, customers can rest easy with the assurance that their best interests are being protected by an industry leader and their product will be of the highest quality possible.

Jabil’s Advanced Mechanics expertise is located throughout the world.