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Jabil Photonics Overview

As artificial intelligence transforms the way we work, it also transforms the networks that deliver it. The back-end AI network will drive a step-change in the volume of connections requiring high-speed, low latency interconnect for AI clouds. Edge AI solutions such as autonomous driving and augmented reality will expand that requirement to millions of more connections. Different solutions are currently underway, from high-speed transceivers to co-packaged optics with the target to increase connectivity speed with lower power consumption. To meet these needs, hardware providers must rethink their supply chain and manufacturing approach. This new world requires expanded scale, deployment of advanced manufacturing technologies, and streamlined supply chains.

From Silicon to Solutions – Let Jabil Light the Way

Tight tolerances, inability to rework, and extreme miniaturization requirements make photonic devices some of the most challenging devices to effectively manufacture at scale. Jabil has been designing components, developing process capabilities, and delighting customers for a decade in this space.

Solutions customized for your needs:

Optical Manufacturing Services

Whether your device or module needs packaging, or you are ready to launch a completed product, our team of experts will help you navigate the new product introduction process, including:

  • Optimizing the supply chain network to deliver the lowest landed costs in your target geographies.

  • Optimizing the bill of materials for both supply chain resiliency and cost.

  • Evaluating and recommending design changes to facilitate manufacturing and test for improved cycle times and yield.

  • Developing test strategies to optimize yield vs. cost.

  • Creating a ramp plan customized to your market and customers — whether that is for a few thousand units a month or millions of units a month.

  • Creating optimal fulfilment solutions around logistics and configuring to order, as needed.

Advanced Photonics Packaging Solutions

Transforming a vast set of parts and technologies into a usable device with high reliability requires advanced processes and facilities. Jabil can help you develop your advanced packaging for optimal yield and performance. Areas of expertise include:

  • Fiber attach solutions: active alignment, passive alignment, single fiber, fiber array.

  • Assembly solutions: pick-and-place, die bond, wire bond, flip chip, reflow.

  • Epoxy Application and Management: selection, characterization, dispensing.

  • Encapsulation solutions: gold box, dam-and-fill, glob-top.

  • Free-space optics: Lenses/lens arrays, beam shapers, splitters, and diffusers, waveguides.

For more information on lens placement, cameras, and imaging systems, please see our optics page.

Jabil provides both prototyping and large-scale manufacturing services — reducing time to market for silicon photonics solutions in telecom, datacom, and AI applications.

Design Services

Depending on your team, their workload, time-to-market objectives, and internal expertise, different design engagement models may be needed. Jabil offers a number of engagement models to support your specific requirements.

Platform Design Engagement Models

The Jabil design team has years of experience in photonics devices and systems, developing amplifiers, transceivers, and laser packages, as well as developing optical networking products such as ROADMs and optical switches. Let us help you accelerate your time to market and optimize your designs for fast, efficient manufacturing.

Turn-key Components & White Label Options

Jabil's comprehensive components and devices portfolio enables you to:

  • Integrate them seamlessly into your solutions,

  • Re-brand as your own products, or

  • Consume as a white label.

The addition of an advanced line of silicon photonics-based Intel data center transceivers broadens Jabil's robust portfolio of coherent transceivers, amplifiers, filters, and much more, providing you flexible and dynamic solutions.

Product Lines

For a complete listing of our turn-key solutions please visit our product page.

Whether you are a hyperscaler developing your own hardware and solutions to deliver a service to your customers, or are an OEM creating hardware platforms for data centers and telecommunications networks, Jabil can customize a solution for you.

Let Jabil help you power innovation and bring your photonics vision to life.

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