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Jabil Healthcare’s Diagnostics sector is being driven by demand for increased portability and mobility of laboratory and imaging diagnostics equipment. Meanwhile, OEMs are also looking for ways to better meet the healthcare industry’s growing requirements for the improved collection, aggregation and purposing of data, as both value-based care (VBC), and personalized medicine (or genomics-based medicine) continue to transform healthcare.

The timely use of data is critical to the connected patient ecosystem at the heart of digital healthcare. As diagnostic products become more portable, moving closer to the patient, and data more integral, Jabil Healthcare is exceptionally well-positioned and ready to support customers with our innovative capabilities in the point-of-care, hospital and personalized medicine settings.

Jabil Healthcare’s expertise in designing and manufacturing data-enabled product solutions is helping us grow our customers’ business, but more importantly, we are helping make diagnostic tools more efficient and effective, all while reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

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