Whitepaper: 3D Printing Trends

3D Printing Trends Whitepaper

How is 3D Printing Transforming Manufacturing?

Today, time is our most precious commodity. With a new class of better performing machines, available materials and our ability to deliver parts that are true to their mechanical properties in quality, 3D printing is set to transform manufacturing.

Jabil's new research report goes beyond the hype associated with predictions about the future of 3D printing for manufacturing and takes a practical look at the current realities and opportunities. It represents the actual experiences and opinions of the people who are in the trenches making decisions about adoption.

Manufacturing executives are bullish about 3D printing as they believe it has the potential to change how they think and operate. What will it take for 3D printing to replace existing manufacturing processes? And, what issues need to be solved to accelerate adoption? 

What's Included?

  • Key and detailed findings on 3D printing trends
  • How 3D printing is changing the face of manufacturing
  • Common 3D printing manufacturing challenges 
  • How companies are currently utilizing 3D printing manufacturing
  • The evolution of 3D printing to manufacture production parts
  • Statistics on 3D printing adoption
  • 3D printing growth predictions
  • Methodology and participant demographics

3D Printing Trends Report 

A survey of manufacturing decision makers. October 2017. 

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