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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is rapidly transforming companies and is expected to be a $933 billion industry by 2025. In an era of unprecedented change, IIoT is opening up new opportunities and challenges for Industrial OEMs. The Jabil Industrial IoT (IIoT) group envisions a future where the intersection of people, data and intelligent machines will deliver unprecedented productivity improvements with over $300 billion in opportunity for solutions in this evolving space. Jabil IIoT is helping customers design, prototype, and scale industrial products and solutions across a wide spectrum of industries from agriculture, mining and energy to oil and gas, buildings and cities, and heavy machinery. As a result of this depth of experience, industrial customers are turning to Jabil IIoT to solve their hardware and communication protocol challenges.

A Proactive Solutions Partner

As an Industrial IoT general contractor, Jabil brings together the right hardware, software and analytics that enable actionable insights and automation as required. Simultaneously, we address the return on investment (ROI) and business case through a multitude of business and revenue models while turning to a carefully curated IoT ecosystem of partners. As a proactive solutions partner, Jabil IIoT ensures successful program results through the following four offerings:

  • Expertise and Partnerships – With 27,000 suppliers and over 500 of the world’s largest brands as customers, Jabil has the longstanding economic relationships to empower your new product or solution.
  • Massive Manufacturing Scale – With more than 43 million square feet of manufacturing capacity, and over 100 facilities in 29 countries, Jabil is uniquely positioned to build locally, regionally and globally.
  • Supply Chain Expertise – Our single instance of SAP globally, lowest landed cost calculation and risk scores ensure the right manufacturing and hardware solutions.
  • Experienced Design and Engineering – Jabil boasts over 1,600 hardware design engineers and 200 UI/UX, industrial and mechanical designer/discovery consultants globally to ensure the success of each project.

Jabil IIoT can help bridge the gap between market demands and solutions delivery in order to solve the key issues our customers face in this emerging industry.

Jabil’s IIoT expertise and solutions include:

  • Discovery – We can define the business case and requirements
  • Design – We orchestrate solution design and architecture, and develop BOM/supply chain specifications
  • Hardware – We design and engineer industrial hardware, partner with customers for industrial design and firmware, and provide certification and test services
  • Cloud/Software – From device management, cloud storage and analytics, and other software requirements, we pull in the right subcontractors to generate powerful business outcomes
  • Analytics/Dashboard – Make smarter, faster business decision through data visualization, actionable analytics and automation
  • Program Management – We accelerate your IIoT journey through partnership management services, a 4-staged deployment model, and lab, field testing and system deployment

The power of IIoT is in the ability to collect data and connect it into useful information that increases operational efficiency and optimizes cost. Whether it’s enabling predictive analytics for smart airports or providing real-time production data for smart agriculture, Jabil IIoT’s dynamic solutions roadmap is driving powerful business outcomes for the world’s largest Industrial companies.

From collaborative design and prototyping to end-to-end hardware, test and global manufacturing, Jabil accelerates your IIoT journey.

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