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How do you successfully navigate the pitfalls and challenges of becoming truly omni-channel in a digital world?

Automated Retail for Intelligent Vending

Vending technology is evolving quickly and new or retrofitted machines are engaging shoppers like never before with touch-screen controls, video, audio, scent, gesture-based interaction and cashless payment. Thanks to automated retail technology, intelligent vending machines provide businesses real-time insights into their customers’ purchasing patterns.

According to Persistence Market Research, the global intelligent vending machines market is expected to reach $15 billion by 2025, with a projected CAGR of more than 15 percent during the forecasted period. Despite the fast pace of anticipated growth, the industry is struggling to meet new market demands and consumer behavior.

Jabil Retail helps you eliminate traditional barriers to entry including low operating margins, an increase in rents, ROI concerns and high credit card fees.

Jabil Retail – Driving Adoption

Jabil Retail fills the biggest gaps in adoption with our end-to-end retail capabilities, ecosystem of innovative partners and global footprint. Partnering with Intel, Jabil Retail supplies Intel’s reference design for intelligent vending, including a processor-based design and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for accessing machine peripherals.

Giving you the complete automated retail solution, we go beyond optimizing hardware and software to integrating UI and control software, sensors and remaining components in a consolidated, connected platform. Our process innovation is further strengthened by Jabil’s scalable services, engineering breadth, and 50+ years of experience in technology, manufacturing and supply chain management.

In keeping with our commitment to technology and manufacturing innovation, Jabil Retail makes it possible for you to easily upgrade an existing vending machine’s hardware and software. Our expertise allows us to give you a modern, updated, connected platform that focuses on the user interface, payment system, wireless communication, and remote management that both you and your customers need.

Cloud Services and Analytics

The ability to collect a vast amount of data comes from Jabil Retail’s installation of sensors that capture vending machine inventory, customer buying patterns and preferences, as well as key performance indicators regarding temperature and other major functionality. Sending and receiving real-time notifications via the cloud also provides operators with much-needed visibility into inventory levels to automate restocking as well as instant updates on performance problems to expedite repairs while reducing maintenance costs.

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Available now, Jabil Retail offers different levels of scalable services, encompassing strategy, customer experience, hardware/software integration, analytics and ongoing support.

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